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Mullane School Of Motoring Cork 

Insurance Discounts 

We are now part of Drive First From First Ireland Insurance

Drive First offers all of Mullane School Of Motoring pupils up to 30% off their first time insurance which is a saving of up to €1200. First Ireland are a leading insurance broker in Dublin dealing with all major insurance companies in Ireland

What Do I Do?

Take 10 lessons with Mullane School of Motoring, a First Ireland insured Driving Instructor. Then call Drive First on 01 8820830 for your personal Insurance quotation. Mention the programme with Mullane School Of Motoring and Drive First will negotiate a discount with the Insurance Company for you

How does it work?

First Ireland insurance brokers negotiate exclusive discounts for pupils of Mullane School Of Motoring from a panel of underwriters. Any driver who complete a course of ten lessons with us is automatically entitled to the introductory no claim bonus and all extra discounts when you send off your certificate of lessons to Drive First that we will issue after you complete your ten lessons

What does this discount mean to me?

It means substantial savings on your first insurance which will be built upon year on year until you reach your maximum no claims bonus