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Mullane School Of Motoring Cork 

We offer Professional Driving Lessons and EDT lessons  in Cork.

We also provide Pre Driving Tests from Wilton Driving Test Center in Cork.

Types of Lessons 


A few good reasons to why choose us! we promise to give you the following: 

We have had 10000s of 1st time Driving Test passes In Wilton Driving Test Center Cork.

We are EDT and Pre Test Specialist's 

Edt  Course

we provide edt Driving lessons in cork city 

The Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme consists of 12 lessons, each has a specific content determined by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and each lasting 1 hour in duration.

The RSA envisage people learning to drive as they always did in the past either with friends or family along with professional learner driving lessons with an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

When you have learned and practiced a certain topic or series of topics relating to your next scheduled EDT module then an EDT lesson is conducted to advise on and possibly fine tune these topics.

Unless you have an amount of prior driving experience or have access to a vehicle to prepare and practice in between EDT lessons it is not possible to complete the EDT programme and achieve Driving Test standard with just 12 hours driving experience.

The following is a brief summary of the EDT syllabus as laid out by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). Lessons 1 – 8 have to be undertaken in the sequence they are laid out. Lessons 9 -12 can be taken in any sequence.

pre tests 

Pre Driving test specialists since 2006 

Don’t wait until you get your test appointment, it may be too late!

Advantages of Pre-test assessment(Prior to confirmation of test date):

Identify the areas of your driving that need to be improved.

Can be done in local area.

No confirmed test date required.

Plenty of time to practice new skills required for test.

Busy test route areas avoided initially for the more nervous drivers.

Pre Test: (test date confirmed):

Doughcloyne (Wilton), test routes covered.

Concise and practical advice given on all aspects of the driving test.

Constructive tuition to rectify driving faults

Lesson progress log updated after each lesson for better lesson continuity

Test simulation conducted and marked under test conditions

Modern well maintained vehicle available to hire for driving test

Aspects covered during pre-test include:

Most commonly asked theory questions

Technical checks required during test

General driving ability

Hill starts

Reverse around corners

Turn About

Hand signals

Secondary control check

Full explanation for testers marking sheet

Qualified Drivers: The driving test should not be seen as the final stage in your driving tuition. We offer various opportunities for you to improve and enhance your driving skills, these include:

Confidence and skills training

Hazard perception and awareness

Parallel and reverse bay parking

Refresher courses.

Driving instructor training 

Would you like to be your own boss, choose your own working hours and have great job satisfaction every time one of your pupils passes their test? Mullane School of Motoring Cork is a Driving Instructor Trainer we have Trained 15 Driving Instructors in Cork . We specialize in training people to become confident competent driving instructors using in-car training and specialist study syllabus. To date all of the instructors who have completed the 3 stages of their ADI exams with Mullane School Of Motoring have passed , giving us a 100% pass rate. We pride ourselves in educating our instructors to the highest standard, giving extra time and attention where it is needed what makes us stand out from other training organizations all training is done on a one to one basis.

What do you need to become an instructor? Although you do not need any formal qualifications to train to become a driving instructor, you will firstly need to ensure you are eligible using the minimum requirements as set out by the RSA which state that you will need to:

· Hold a full driving license for a minimum of two years in category for which instruction is to be delivered. (With no more than 5 points and no disqualifications)

· Be a person of good repute, i.e. have not been convicted of a serious offence

· Be Tax compliant

Advanced Driving Courses 

Court Reports 

We provide Court reports and Driving Courses for Driver's that have careless or Dangerous Driving Charges  .We have prepered reports for courts on a number  of cases. This is when the judge requests that you do an Advanced Driving Course and submit a report always engage the services of your Solicitor  for legal advice.  


 Become an Advanced Driver

Have you already passed the driving test?

Are you a nervous driver?

Have you had an accident which made you more nervous?

Do you have a weak point in your driving, eg. roundabouts/observations?

Are you an employer who would like to ensure their drivers are safe on the road?

Then why not improve your skills by becoming an Advanced Driver with our Advanced Driver Training Program with a qualified ADI.

Our Advanced Driver Training Program is individually tailored to suit the driver. We help to build confidence in nervous drivers and we help to eliminate nerves which come as part of having an accident. Having an accident, regardless of blame, can knock confidence and sometimes drive people off the road completely. We aim to reinstall the confidence and thus help to put the drivers back behind the wheel!

We also help to eliminate weak points. Many drivers feel you have to have to have a provisional licence in order to come to a driving instructor, which is not true. Some fully licence drivers have weak points, which they are too ashamed to bring to the attention of an instructor. Here at Mullane School of Motoring we not only cater for provisional licence holders but also fully licence drivers. So if you have a weak point which you would like help with, no matter how big or small, don't hesitate to call us.

Another part of the Advanced Driver Training Program is for employers. We will take your employee out on a specifically designed test for one hour to evaluate their driving. We will then give you the results of the test, outlining the faults and weaknesses, if any. We will then train the employee to an advanced level of driving so that you can have peace of mind whilst your employee is representing you business.

Affordable, Effective and Convenient Driving Lessons in Cork 

We wont fail you