Terms Of Business For Mullane School Of Motoring

Refunds policy 

terms last  updated 18/09/20

We do not offer cash refunds for any reason other than that where we cannot provide service at all or offer service. We offer refunds in the form of gift voucher only. Lessons can be extended for reasons such as loss of license, moving or illness.

1.The Instructor will provide driving instruction for the pupil at the agreed rates and times. The cost of driving lessons will have been clearly explained upon first contact with Mullane School of Motoring and again at the beginning of the first lesson.

2 All Mullane School of Motoring Driving Instructors will behave in a professional manner towards clients at all times. The instructor will avoid physical contact with a client except in an emergency or in the normal course of greeting. Whilst reserving the right to decide against giving tuition, the instructor will not act in any manner which contravenes legislation or discrimination

3 The Instructor reserves the right to substitute another Mullane School of Motoring Instructor or any other instructor that is licensed for any of the pupil’s lessons if required, or rearrange any lessons to a mutually convenient time without liability

4. All bookings are made on the understanding that the School is not responsible for the postponement of training due to traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, illness or mechanical breakdown. WE cannot be held responsible for any costs or test fees incurred as a result of the postponement of any lessons, for whatever reason.at no time will we offer a refund on any gift vouchers or pre paid lessons ,the pupil is welcome to give any unused pre paid lessons to some one else should the pupil not use the lessons

5. Any pupil may be refused a driving lesson if the Instructor has reason to believe that the pupil is under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the lesson will still be charged for at the full amount.

6. The Instructor may refuse to carry on giving a pupil driving lessons without notice if the Instructor is not satisfied with a pupil’s conduct or commitment throughout the lessons. A pupil may be refused entry into the driving school vehicle if they are wearing soiled clothing or muddy work boots and the lesson will still be charged for at the full amount

7. Instructors will advise clients when to apply for their theory and practical driving tests. The instructor will not cancel or re-arrange a driving test without the client’s agreement. When presenting a client for the practical driving test, the instructor will ensure that the client has all the necessary documentation to enable the client to take the test and that the vehicle is roadworthy.

8. If a pupil has entered for a driving test and does not keep up to date with their lessons prior to the test, or if in the opinion of the Instructor the pupil is not safe to proceed with the test, the Instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the tuition vehicle for the driving test. In which case the Instructor will not be liable for any loss of test fees

9. Provided the pupil is in possession of a valid driving permit accompanied by, or under the direction of a Driving tester A.D.I / P.D.I or approved RSA Tester Mullane School of Motoring cars are fully insured with a policy excess of 350 euro. If a pupil has an at fault accident the pupil must pay the first 350 euro of the said claim

11. The instructor will make every effort to train you to the highest standard but can in no way be held liable for any errors you commit whilst driving and unaccompanied by your instructor either before, during or after a test pass.

12) The pupil will ensure that they hold the appropriate valid license to drive the tuition vehicle.

13) Pupils must advise their instructor of any medication or prescription drugs they are taking that may affect their ability to drive safely before taking any lesson booked.

14) If a pupil is required to wear glasses or contact lenses whilst driving and he/she fails to wear them on a driving lesson, then the lesson will be cancelled with full charge to the pupil or parents.

15) The pupil will give the Instructor a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or change a lesson for no charge to occur, otherwise the lesson fee will be payable. If you fail to turn up for an appointment (Your instructor will wait at the agreed pickup point for 10 minutes only) and no cancellation notice was provided by you to the Instructor before the start of the lesson then the full charge of the lesson will be payable. If any lessons paid for in advance or with vouchers are cancelled within 24 hours, then the full amount of a lesson will be charged.

16. The instructor must be notified of the date and time of a driving test self booked by the pupil at least 10 working days before the test date.

17. Opening and closing times are subject to change without prior notice.

18 if a pupil gets aggressive and services need to be withdrawn for safety or any other reason lessons WILL NOT BE REFUNDED 

19) all Driving lessson are based on 45 min DRIVING and 15 min recap theory sum up faults

20) calls may be recorded

21) we will only deal with the pupil in the event of complaint or the Rsa we will not deal with trird partys expect in the case of a pupil under 18

22) we do not do block bookings we can only book one lesson at a time and cannot facilitate everyone on peak times eg after 5pm saturday wednesday after one but will do or best  

23) pupils need to be aware the rsa edt program is a designed by the rsa and that is the syllabus that has to be though its pupils need min 3 hours driving with a sponsor and should only do an edt lesson every 2 weeks    

24) pupils need to check edt portal for any errors and report same asap to instructor and please be aware EDT lessons are every 2 weeks we cannot accommodate clients that want to complete etc quickly or incorrectly as its a syllabus practice is required in between lessons

25) we will not take aggression or abuse if service is withdrawn because of abuse one warning will be given if client gets abusive again service be withdrawn no refund will be make 

26) under consumer law your not entitled to a change of mind refund we will only refund if we cant or wont provide service paid for 

27) if your Driving test is not conducted by the rsa due to tester illness etc and less that 24 hours notice is given car hire will be charged client can take it up with rsa 

28) should a driving test not go ahead due to a defect on school car we will provide a car free of charge on next test we cant accept responsibility for the driving test fee lost as breakdowns seldom happen

29) we will not take a clients car on the road that is defected as per rsa guidelines should a car be refused no refund will be made common faults are but not limited to

no tax

no insurance

no nct

no break lights

bald defected tryers

warning lights on dash

no L plates displayed

correct insurance we are not covered to give a lesson in clients own car on free insurance from aviva

if car is refused no refund will be made

30) clients need to be aware its an offense to drive on a learner permit with out a full licensed driver car can be impounded and its a plenty point offense what happens before or after a lesson i can not be lible for

31) we take a 40 euro non refundable deposit on booking a lesson via sum up 24 hours notice is needed to change lesson time or date or fee is lost 

32) if a client has paid for a car hire for a driving test its non refundable if client wants to change date 48 hours notice is required or fee be lost if client is not safe car be withdrawn and gift voucher refund will be made

33 we only operate from wilton Driving test center on Saturday all lessons will start and finish in wilton no exceptions 

34 we can not accommodate everyone at their choice of times so in the event of clash of times 2 times or dates be given we cannot be held accountable for clients working times etc and waiting lists can be 4 weeks for sat and evenings 5 working days for all other times on average

35 we don't work evenings from oct1st to march 31th

36 we close on Sunday and bank holidays

37 if on holiday we leave a voicemail saying so we never go for more than 14days

38 we use dash cams on the exterior of or cars

39 gift vouchers valid for 5 years once bought from 1/12/19 packages 6 mounts packages are not gift vouchers

40 we cannot be held accountable for covid 19 clients are asked to wear masks and we cant be held accountable for anyone that picks up covid 19 also we cant and wont refund lessons due to lockdowns we will extend vouchers for lockdown period 

If a pupil would like to make a complaint or has a grievance, then they must contact, in the first instance, writing to:

 Mullane School Of Motoring

at [email protected] 

We will respond in writing to any complaint within 10 working days

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can then take your complaint further to:

Road Safety Authority

Adi Unit

Moy Vally Business park


Co. Mayo. 

Your consumer rights

Under Irish consumer law you're not entitled to a refund for change of mind etc. Our policy is to issue a gift voucher as a refund for any pre paid lessons. This does not affect your statutory rights.

terms last updated 09/11/2019