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Mullane School Of Motoring Cork 

Tips on Roundabouts 


If you are turning left approach the roundabout on the left.

If turning right approach the roundabout on the right.

If going straight on approach on the left UNLESS the road markings dictate otherwise.


First exit: Signal left approaching the roundabout and let it on until after you have exited the roundabout.

Second exit: Do not signal approaching the roundabout, once you have passed the first exit indicate left that you are leaving the roundabout. (An exception to this general rule would be where the second exit is beyond the 12 o’ clock position, ie. The second exit is positioned to the right as opposed to straight ahead which is generally the case. In this situation you would signal right approaching the roundabout and signal left once you have passed the first exit.)

Third exit: Signal right on the approach to the roundabout. Once you pass the second exit change the signal to left to indicate you are leaving the roundabout.

REMEMBER ; Always signal left to inform others that you are leaving the roundabout.

RIGHT OF WAY; Give way to traffic approaching from the right and also traffic already on the roundabout.

OBSERVATION; As you approach the roundabout plan well ahead. Your main focus is directly ahead of you but scan to the right of the roundabout as you approach to see what is happening. If you observe that the way is clear you can proceed through at a suitable safe speed. If you see vehicles approaching from the right you might adjust your speed to create a safe gap to fit into, ie. if the vehicles approaching from the right are close or travelling fast you could reduce your speed to allow you to fit in behind them once they have passed. If the vehicles approaching from the right are a distance away you might speed up slightly to find a safe gap to enter the roundabout ahead of them. If you observe that there is no suitable safe gap in traffic, or if your view is limited, as you approach the roundabout, then you will have to stop and wait for a safe gap in traffic before entering the roundabout.

If the roundabout is governed by traffic lights then you will obey the lights.

CHANGING LANES ON ROUNDABOUTS; On roundabouts with 2 or more lanes you will usually need to cross over to the left lane to exit the roundabout if you are taking the 3rd, 4th or any subsequent exits..

Before changing lanes you MUST ensure that it is safe to do so. Check your left mirror, signal left your intention to change lanes to exit the roundabout and then a quick glance to the left side to confirm the way is clear. This glance is NOT the same as the full over the shoulder blind spot check you make before moving off from a stationary position. It is just a brief glance to the side, roughly around the 8 o’ clock position on a clock face.